January 2020

Sunday 5th – the intermediate group went east through Tranent, Macmerry, Gladsmuir, Haddington, East Linton, Traprain and Morham to Haddington, back to Longniddry via the railway path, then home along the coast road (44 miles).  The fitness-plus group rode up Carberry, via Mayfield to Edgehead, through Pathhead, Fala and Humbie to Gifford for coffee, back via Camptoun hills, Tranent and over Fa’side (52 miles).

Sunday 12th – the fitness group went to Linlithgow via Gilmerton, Currie, Ratho and Faucheldean, back by Winchburgh, Cramond Brig and various cycle-paths (51 miles). The intermediates rode along the coast to Aberlady, then via Kingston to Tyninghame, back via Hailes castle, Haddington and direct through Tranent (45 miles). The fitness-plusers rode out through Musselburgh, Dalkeith country park, Mayfield, Borthwick, Gladhouse and Shiplaw to Whitmuir, then back over the moor to Penicuik and home via Lasswade (54 miles).

Sunday 19th – the fitness group rode along the coast road to North Berwick, then to East Linton for coffee at Smeaton Nursery, then over the ford at Knowes, through the Biel estate and home by Haddington, Pencaitland and Tranent (54 miles). The fitness-plus group went out by Bonnyrigg and Leadburn to Eddleston, over the Meldons and along to Peebles for coffee; home by Eddleston, Gladhouse and Carrington (54 miles).  A large intermediate group went to North Berwick via East Fortune and Whitekirk then back along the coast road with a short loop inland to Kingston (48 miles).

Sunday 26th – on a wet and windy day, the intermediate group rode through Dalkeith and Carrington, up the Granites, left to Heriot, then over the hill to the Soutra cafe; back by Humbie and Carberry (52 miles). The fitness-plus group went out through the Drum estate and old railway line to Roslin then by Mount Lothian, Gladhouse, Middleton Moor and Tynehead to Humbie for coffee; home by Cousland (49 miles). The fitness group rode out through Newbattle and Gorebridge to Middleton, on to Gladhouse then via Waterheads and Shiplaw (in the rain) to Whitmuir cafe; home via the moor road, Roslin Glen and the cycle path to Shawfair (53 miles).

February 2020

Sunday 2nd – a good turnout for a miserable day. The fitness-plus riders went out by Carberry, Pathhead and Crichton onto the Old Coach Road to Stow and then over to Lauder for coffee; home by Oxton, over Soutra and then through Humbie and Cousland (56 miles). The fitness group rode along the coast to Port Seton, over the railway and up Birsley Brae, past the Hopetoun monument to Athelstaneford, then via East Fortune, Whitekirk and Tantallon to North Berwick for coffee; back by Kingston, Drem, Myreton and Aberlady (50 miles). The intermediate group rode up Carberry, then via Salters Road, the ford and the Saltouns to Gifford; back via East Saltoun, Pencaitland, Elphinstone and Carberry (40 miles).

Intermediate group at the ford, near Windy Mains, February 2020

Sunday 9th – stormy weather meant reduced numbers. A compbined fitness & fitness-plus group went through Dalkeith Country Park, Lasswade, Polton Glen, Carrington, Borthwick and Crichton to Humbie for coffee; home by the Saltouns and Cousland (51 miles). A small intermediate group went to the Merryhatton garden centre via Coates, Haddington and East Fortune, returning through Myreton, Mungowells, Luffness and the coast road (41 miles).

Sunday 16th – on a windy day, the intermediate group rode along the coast road to Prestonpans, then inland over the railway and up Bangly Brae, through Haddington and past Hailes Castle to East Linton for coffee, back through Markle, Athelstaneford, Myreton and Longniddry (44 miles). The fitness group rode through Inveresk, Dalkeith Country Park and Newtongrange to the Granites, then over to Heriot and Soutra for coffee, back by Humbie, Bolton Muir, the Saltouns and Cousland (57 miles). There was no fitness-plus ride.

Sunday 23rd – the fitness group rode through Dalkeith, Edgehead and Newlandrig, past Crichton Castle, over the A68 to Fala Dam, through Humbie, then via Long Newton to Gifford and on to Haddington for coffee, then home by Bangly Brae and the level crossing (49 miles). The fitness-plus group rode through the city, out through Balerno, via Mid Calder and Beecraigs to Linlithgow, then back through Winchburgh, Kirkliston, Cramond Brig and Granton (55 miles). The intermediate group rode along the coast to Longniddry then inland through Samuelston, Morham, Papple, Gifford, on to Haddington for coffee, and back via Gladsmuir, Macmerry and Tranent (46 miles).

March 2020

Sunday 1st – smaller numbers, on a brutal day. A combined fitness/fitness-plus group battled the rain and headwinds through Newton, Bonnyrigg, Rosewell and Leadburn; most turned back shortly afterwards but two continued via the Lyne Valley to Peebles, then back by Rosetta, Eddleston, Gladhouse and Carrington (60 miles). The intermediate group went through Dalkeith Country Park, Carrington, Waterheads and Lamancha to West Linton for coffee, back via Auchencorth Moss, Penicuik and the cycle path from Roslin to Millerhill (52 miles).

Sunday 8th – the fitness group did a long and lumpy route to Broughton via Dalkeith, Mayfield, Gorebridge, Gladhouse, the Meldons, Stobo and Dreva; direct back by Blyth Bridge, Leadburn, Auchendinny and the Roslin-Shawfair cycle path (68 miles). The fitness-plus group went round the Pentlands – out through Penicuik, West Linton, Dunsyre, Carnwath for coffee, back by the Lang Whang (68 miles). The intermediate group went through Pathhead, Tynewater and Humbie (via Petersmuir) to Gifford for coffee, then back through Haddington and East Saltoun (51 miles). 

Sunday 15th – the only fitness-plus riders out joined the fitness group on a ride to Linlithgow via Gilmerton, Colinton, Balerno, the Calders, Uphall and Dechmont (with some adding a diversion through Beecraigs); back round by the hill above Bo’ness, the Blackness road, Newton, Dalmeny and Cramond Brig (58 miles). The intermediate group rode through Musselburgh, Tranent and the Saltouns to Gifford, then via Stenton and Pitcox and round to Tyninghame for coffee, back by Whitekirk, North Berwick and the coast road home (57 miles).

[At this point, club rides had to be suspended indefinitely as Covid-19 restrictions were introduced (the first “lockdown”). Over the next few months, club activities were restricted to virtual social evenings on Zoom, virtual club-rides on Zwift and lockdown individual time-trials on Strava (the last two beginning in May), until eased restrictions allowed real club rides to resume in September – briefly as it turned out ….]

May 2020

W/b 11th – Lockdown Individual Time Trial (LITT) no.1: various riders took part in this competition for the fastest time on a Strava segment created for the purpose – starting at Pencaitland and looping east towards Bolton, then via the Saltouns to the Humbie road (11.3 miles). Top three results went to Mike Muldoon, Murray Ferguson and Seamus Spencer.

W/b 25th – LITT no.2, this time the segment started south of Pencaitland, went north-east past Samuelston, to the south and east of Haddington, then up the Yak (9.5 miles); the podium places went to Mike Muldoon, Neil Patterson and Murray Ferguson.

June 2020

W/b 8th – LITT no.3, starting in New Winton, a loop towards Haddington via Letham Mains Holdings and ending near Boggs Holdings (11.5 miles). The best time was achieved by Neil Patterson, followed by Seamus Spencer and Mike Muldoon.

W/b 29th – LITT no.4, starting just outside Pencaitland, going through the Saltouns and ending at Bolton Muir Wood (10.1 miles). The top three results were from Mike Muldoon, Seamus Spencer and John Dickie; a new sprint award went to Tim & Carol, followed by Seamus and Dan Rodgers.

July 2020

W/b 13th – LITT no.5, a climbers’ Time Trial starting at Temple and finishing on top of the Granites via Castleton Strip (6.9 miles with 810 ft climbing). Top three were Mike Muldoon, Neil Patterson and John Dickie. The sprint award went to Neil Patterson followed by Roy Buchanan and Mike Muldoon.

August 2020

W/b 17th – LITT no.6, a flat 9.6-mile course from Morham to Winton House (Pencaitland). The winners were Neil Patterson, Mike Muldoon and Seamus Spencer. The sprint award was bagged by Mike, followed by Neil and then Tim & Carol.

September 2020

Saturday 5th – ten people from four households rode to Musselburgh, along the Esk path to Inveresk then up to Fa’side to pick brambles, and back by a similar route.

W/b 7th – LITT no. 7, a re-run over the LITT1 course, starting in Pencaitland, looping around East Linton and finishing to the West of West Linton (11.3 miles). A poor showing from the regular Time Trialists meant that only the top two podium positions were filled with Seamus Spencer beating John Dickie into top spot.

W/b 21st – LITT no. 8, a re-run of LITT4, and similar results to LITT7 – Seamus Spencer again in first place and John Dickie second, this time with Will Walter in third; the same three riders, in the same order, also topped the sprint competition.

Sunday 27th – on the first day of resumed rides, the Fitness-plus group went out by Carrington, over the Meldons, from Peebles via the back road to Innerleithen, and home via the Pipers Grave, Heriot, Crichton, Pathhead and Cousland (73 miles). The fitness group went through Dalkeith country park and Gorebridge to the Granites, then via Heriot and the Gilston road to the Soutra cafe, back by E Saltoun, Samuelston and the level crossing (58 miles). The intermediates rode through Tranent, Haddington and Stenton to the Strawberry Barn roundabout then to Tyninghame for a cafe stop; back through Binning Wood to Kingston, Aberlady and the coast road (51 miles). 

October 2020

Sunday 4th – the fitness-plus group went out by Cousland to Humbie then back roads by Kidlaw and Longyester through Garvald and Spott to Dunbar for coffee; home by Whitekirk, Kingston and Aberlady (70 miles). The fitness group went up Carberry, via Whitburgh Mains, West Saltoun and Samuelston to Morham, past the monument to Beil and the cafe at Tyninghame; back via Binning Wood, Athelstaneford and the coast road.

[Club rides then had to be suspended again as Edinburgh went into Level 3 restrictions (the second lockdown), and stayed there until the end of the year.]