January 2019

Sunday 6th – the fitness group rode out through Tranent and Pencaitland, then through Bolton and past Lennoxlove, up Mag’s Bank, down to Papple then via Luggate to E Linton and Tyninghame for coffee; back through Binning Wood, Kingston, Fenton Barns and Aberlady (54 miles). The intermediate group followed the coast road to Aberlady then inland to Kingston, East Linton, coffee at Tyninghame; back via Athelstaneford and Tranent (48 miles).

Sunday 13th – on a very windy day, the intermediate group went out via Dalkeith, Carrington and Temple, over the A7 to Tynehead and through Fala Dam to Humbie for coffee, back through East Saltoun, Pencaitland and Tranent (43 miles).  The fitness group went to Whitmuir via Sheriffhall, Newbattle, Gladhouse and Shiplaw, back by the moor road to Penicuik, Straiton, Gilmerton and the Wisp (51 miles).

Sunday 20th – the fitness group rode through Inveresk, Elphinstone and Pencaitland to Gifford, then through Stenton and West Barns to Tyninghame for coffee (with a few taking a shorter route via E Linton); home by Markle, Athelstaneford and Bangly Brae (53 miles).  The intermediate group went to North Berwick for coffee via Athelstaneford and East Linton, then back by Fenton Barns, Aberlady and the coast road (48 miles).

Sunday 27th – on a very windy day, the intermediate group rode along the A199 to Haddington, then on to the cafe stop at Humbie via Bolton; from Humbie, on to the A68 then home via Tynehead, Dalkeith Country Park, and the Esk path in Musselburgh (45 miles).  The fitness group did a loop east through Longniddry, up Bangly Brae to Haddington, over the monument hill to Papple, then from Garvald via Carfrae to Gifford for coffee; home past the golf course to Leehouses, then via Gifford and Cousland (50 miles).

February 2019

Sunday 3rd – the fitness group rode up through Tranent to Pencaitland, through the Saltouns and Bolton, past Haddington to the A199, then via East Fortune to North Berwick for coffee, home through West Fenton, Aberlady and the coast road (50 miles). The intermediate group did a similar route a bit more slowly: Tranent, Pencaitland, Samuelston, Haddington, past Traprain Law to Tyninghame for coffee; back via Binning wood, Kingston, Aberlady and the coast (50 miles).

Sunday 10th – the intermediate group went out through Inveresk, Fa’side, Pencaitland and Samuelston to Gifford for coffee, returning in two groups, one directly via Gladsmuir and Tranent, the other faster through Samuelston and Cockenzie (47/50 miles).  The fitness group went out by Carberry, Pencaitland and Morham to Garvald then over the Lammermuirs by Whiteadder and the Rig to Gifford for coffee; straight home by Saltoun and Tranent (52 miles).

Lammermuirs in winter sunshine, February 2019

Sunday 17th – the fitness group rode south into a strong headwind – up Carberry, over Edgehead, past Borthwick Castle to Middleton, by Gladhouse reservoir then via Tynehead to Whitmuir for coffee; straight back, fast, through Leadburn and Bonnyrigg (51 miles). The intermediate group headed up the Granites, turned left to Heriot, went over the hill to the House of Soutra for coffee, then home through Humbie and Cousland (49 miles).

Fitness group near Gorebridge, heading towards Borthwick, February 2019

Sunday 24th – three groups for the first time: the fitness-plus group went out through Tranent, Samuelston, Morham, up past the monument, a loop past Pressmenan Wood and through Stenton to Tyninghame for coffee; back through Fenton Barns,  Aberlady and the coast road (57 miles).  The fitness group did some short steep hills (Smeaton Farm, Edgehead, Crichton, the ford road), then via Humbie and Longyester to Gifford for coffee, back by Myreton, Samuelston and the level crossing (50 miles). The intermediate group went to Gifford too, most via Pencaitland but a few (following a navigational mix-up in Tranent) via Haddington and Papple; from the cafe the group rode back through Bolton, Samuelston, Longniddry and along the coast, where they were overtaken by the fitness-plus ride (46/36 miles).

March 2019

Sunday 3rd – the intermediates rode to Tyninghame via Tranent, Haddington, Garvald and Luggate; returned into a strong headwind via East Linton, Markle, Athelstaneford, Bangley Brae, Cockenzie and the coast road (50 miles). The fitness group went west via Colinton and Balerno onto the Lang Whang, then up through Harburn, Addiewell and Armadale to the Bridge 49 cafe; home through Linlithgow, Kirkliston and Cramond (69 miles): https://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/2415992701. The fitness-plus group rode to Innerleithen via Gladhouse, Gorebridge and Peebles; back over the Granites, to Middleton, then home through Gorebridge, Edgehead and Dalkeith county park (68 miles).

Sunday 10th – on a cold and damp day, a small fitness-plus group headed out by Leadburn, battled through a blizzard to Peebles for coffee then back by the Lyne Valley, West Linton, the moor road, Penicuick, Mount Lothian and Carrington (70 miles).  The fitness group rode up Carberry, then via Borthwick Castle to the Granites, but snow and ice on the way up caused them to turn around and head directly home (40 miles). The intermediate group rode up Carberry to Elphinstone, then via Boggs Holdings and south of Haddington to East Fortune, Carperstane and N Berwick for coffee; back via Kingston, Athelstaneford, Bangly Brae and Longniddry (53 miles).

Sunday 17th – the intermediate group rode along the coast through Aberlady to N Berwick, round by Tantallon Castle, Whitekirk, East Linton and Hailes Castle to Haddington for coffee, then home through Macmerry and Tranent (48 miles). The fitness-plus group went to Linlithgow via South Queensferry, Winchburgh and the Bathgate alps, then back up the hill past Linlithgow Golf Course and fairly direct home via Kirkliston and Cramond (60 miles). The fitness group rode to Romannobridge then via Peebles to Eddleston where they stopped for coffee at The Scots Pine; home over the moor road to Temple, and through Dalkeith Country Park (59 miles).

Intermediate group in Haddington, March 2019

Sunday 24th – all three groups gave Gordon Barclay a good send-off from the Prom for his 500-mile “Portobello to Portobello” charity ride, with the fitness-plus group then escorting him up Carberry, via Crichton, Heriot and the coach road to Stow, from where he rode on towards Melrose while the group continued via Langshaw to Lauder for coffee, back through Oxton and over the hill on the A68, home through Humbie and Cousland (66 miles).  The intermediate group rode out through Inveresk, Dalkeith and Carrington then over the Granites to Heriot, over Soutra for coffee, and home by Humbie and Cousland (51 miles).  The fitness group also did the Granites / Soutra route via Edgehead and Middleton (50 miles).

Porty2Porty Departure WEB022
Roll-out from the Prom as escort for Gordon Barclay at the beginning of his 500-mile “Portobello to Portobello” ride, 24 March 2019

Sunday 31st – the intermediate group followed mostly cycle paths to Roslin, Auchendinny and Penicuik, then went over the moor to West Linton and on to Whitmuir for coffee; home via Gladhouse Reservoir, Gorebridge, Newtongrange and Dalkeith (60 miles). The fitness group went to Dunbar via Smeaton Farm, the Saltouns, Gifford, Papple, Pitcox and Spott; home through Tyninghame, Binning Wood, Drem and Aberlady (63 miles). The fitness-plus group went over the Meldons then along to Innerleithen for coffee, then headed back over the Granites and home via Middleton and Crichton (72 miles).

Fitness-plus ride on the road in spring sunshine, March 2019

April 2019

Sunday 7th – on a cold and damp day, the fitness and intermediate groups started together through Tranent and Pencaitland to E Saltoun; a small intermediate group continued to Longyester and Gifford for hot drinks, then home by Haddington, Bangly Brae and Prestonpans (41 miles), while the fitness group continued to Longyester, Garvald, Stenton and East Linton for coffee, back via Markle, Athelstaneford and Cockenzie (55 miles). A small fitness-plus group went out by Carberry and Elphinstone to Gifford, through Stenton to Pitcox then up to Spott and via Innerwick, Torness and the Route 76 bike path to Dunbar for coffee; home by Tyninghame and Garleton Hills (70 miles).

Thursday 11th – the first evening ride of 2019 went up by Smeaton Farm to Mayfield, Borthwick and Tynehead; back by Fala Dam, Ormiston and Tranent (38 miles).

Sunday 14th – the fitness-plus group rode through Elphinstone, Pencaitland and Gifford to Redstone Rig, then past Whiteadder reservoir and over Crystal Rig to Spott, via Pitcox to West Barns for coffee, home by Hailes, the Yak and Bangly Brae (69 miles).  The fitness group went out via Gladsmuir, Samuelston, Morham and Pressmenan Wood to Tyninghame; home via Binning Wood, Gullane and the coast (59 miles). The intermediate ride started along the coast road, then via Samuelston to Garvald, up onto the moors, down Redstone Rig to Gifford, and straight back through East Saltoun, Pencaitland and Tranent (52 miles).

Thursday 18th – evening ride to Gifford, back through Haddington, over the Yak to the coast road (40 miles).

Sunday 21st – the fitness group rode along the Esk path, then through Dalkeith and Leadburn to Eddleston, over the Meldons, up the Lyne Valley, to West Linton for coffee, then over the moor to Penicuik, through Rosslynlee and Roslin Glen to the cycle path back to Shawfair (60 miles).  A large intermediate group (including two tandems) did a clockwise loop through Gullane, Haddington and Gifford to Humbie for coffee, back by Fala and Carberry (50 miles).  The fitness-plus group went via Mayfield to Middleton, over the first part of the Granites to Heriot then down the old coach road to Stow, over to Lauder for coffee, then back via Carfraemill, Fala and Cousland (67 miles).

Thursday 25th – evening ride along the coast, over Camptoun hill, through Haddington to Bolton, back through the Saltouns, the ford road, Crichton and down Carberry (45 miles).

Sunday 28th – the intermediate group went to Danderhall, on the cycle-path to Roslin, through Roslin Glen, then via Rosebery Reservoir, North Middleton and Fala to Humbie for coffee; back through Cousland and Inveresk (50 miles).  The fitness-plus group rode round the Pentlands: out through the city to Colinton, through Balerno to the Lang Whang (with a diversion via Auchengray), then through Walston and the A702 to West Linton for coffee, back over the moor to Penicuik, Roslin and the Drum Estate (63 miles). The fitness group went through Gifford to Redstone Rig, back down to Garvald and through Stenton to West Barnes for coffee; back along the A199 to Haddington, over the Yak and the level crossing to Longniddry and the coast road (60 miles).

May 2019

Thursday 2nd – evening ride up Carberry, through East Saltoun to Gifford, on to Garvald then back via Bolton, Samuelston and Longniddry (45 miles)

Sunday 5th – the fitness ride did a figure-8 to Dunbar, out along the coast, through Longniddry, Haddington, Traprain Law, Stenton and Little Spott, back by Tyninghame, Kingston, Fenton Barns, Ballencrieff and Tranent (67 miles). The intermediate group rode out to Aberlady, then through Kingston and Auldhame to Tyninghame for coffee; back via Traprain Law, Haddington and Tranent (49 miles). The fitness-plus group rode out through Bolton, Haddington and East Linton, then headed up to Garvald and into the Lammermuirs, down the Rig and back via Gifford (72 miles).

Thursday 9th – evening ride through Cousland, the Saltouns, Gifford, up the hill and left towards Papple, back through Morham, Samuelston and Longniddry (41 miles).

Sunday 12th – the intermediate ride was to Gifford: along the coast to Longniddry, then through Haddington, Papple, Garvald and Carfrae; back by Longyester, Humbie, the Windy Mains ford and Cousland (54 miles).  Both the fitness and fitness-plus groups went to Innerleithen over the Granites and back via the coach road or the other way round (65 miles and 73 respectively).

Intermediate group near Fala Dam, May 2019

Thursday 16th – evening ride through Dalkeith country park, Carrington, Middleton, Tynehead, Fala, Humbie, East Salton and Tranent (40 miles).

Evening ride in the sunshine, May 2019

Sunday 19th – the intermediate group went along the Esk cycle-path, through Dalkeith country park, over the hill by Mayfield to Gorebridge, throught Middleton and up the Granites, left to Heriot and over Soutra; after splitting for coffee at Soutra and Humbie, back via the Pencaitland railway path and down Carberry (51 miles).  The fitness group headed out on the cycle path to Roslin, rode through Penicuik, over the moor to West Linton, Blyth Bridge and Dolphinton, then looped round to the Big Red Barn, before returning via the Lyne valley, Leadburn and Bonnyrigg (70 miles).  The fitness-plus group also started on the cycle path to Roslin, then rode via Temple, Moorfoots and the Meldons to Dawyck for coffee; back through West Linton, Penicuik and the Roslin cycle path again (74 miles).

Intermediate group at the turn-off for Heriot, May 2019

Thursday 23rd – evening ride out through Musselburgh. over the railway to Samuelston, through the Saltouns and back by Cousland and Carberry (33 miles).

Sunday 26th – poor weather reduced numbers, so there were only two groups. The intermediate/fitness group went through Ormiston, Gorebridge and Temple, past Gladhouse Reservoir to Newtongrange (for a coffee stop at the Mining Museum), then back through Lasswade and Loanhead to the Shawfair cycle path (50 miles). A two-person fitness-plus group rode through Kirknewton, East Calder and Livingston, climbed onto the moors through Woolfords and Auchengray to a cafe in Forth; home via Eastshield, Auchengray again and the Lang Whang (73 miles).

June 2019

Sunday 2nd – the intermediate group went up Fa’side then through Tranent, Pencaitland, West Saltoun and Fala to Humbie, back by Bolton Woods, Samuelston, Gladsmuir and Longniddry (49 miles). The fitness group also started up Fa’side, then rode through Middleton, Gladsmuir and Eddleston, over the Meldons to West Linton, and back over the moor to Penicuik (75 miles). The fitness-plus group rode through the city via the Grange, Craiglockhart and the Heriot-Watt campus to Kirknewton, West Calder and Auchengray to Carnwath, back by Dunsyre, Dolphinton, West Linton and Penicuik (76 miles).

Thursday 6th – evening ride through Tranent and Pencaitland to Haddington, back over the Yak and Bangly Brae (29 miles).

Friday 7th to Sunday 9th – the 2019 Portovelo weekender was in Newton Stewart. Some rode down on the Friday (105 miles or so) while others drove or took the train and rode the rest. On Saturday, the fitness and fitness-plus groups did big loops to the north, taking in Glentrool forest, Kirkmichael, Dalmellington, Dalry and New Galloway; the fitness-plus group also included Gatehouse of Fleet (90 miles, 105 miles).  A small intermediate group started out off-road to Creetown then via Gatehouse of Fleet, Calley Palace and Borgue to Kirkcudbright for lunch, up the west side of Loch Ken to New Galloway and back to Newton Stewart (73 miles). On Sunday, all three groups did a loop to the south taking in Wigtown, Isle of Whithorn, Port William, Mochrum and Spittal (52 miles); two riders instead rode back to Edinburgh via Castle Douglas, Dumfries, Moffat and Innerleithen (130 miles).

Lined up at Newton Stewart Youth Hostel, ready for the off, weekender 2019
Dave at Glentrool
Dave leading the fitness-plus group on the road north from Glentrool, weekender 2019
John and Rob, Glentrool
John and Rob at the top of the climb, Glentrool, weekender 2019
The fitness-plus group on the descent of Nick of the Balloch, weekender 2019
Cafe stop Kirkmichael
Fitness-plus and fitness groups in the cafe at Kirkmichael, weekender 2019
Fitness group Whithorn
The fitness group near Whithorn, weekender 2019
F+ Monreith
The fitness-plus group on the coast road at Monreith

Sunday 9th – a combined group rode out through Port Seton, then via Athelstaneford, East Linton, Bielmill and Stoneypath to Gifford for coffee; back by Longyester, Fala, Ormiston and Cousland (60 miles).

Sunday 16th – the fitness-plus group headed through Carrington and Temple to the Granites road to Innerleithen, along the south bank of the Tweed to Peebles, round Cademuir hill then home via the Meldons, Gladhouse and Gore Glen (75 miles). The fitness group started up Fa’side then via Pencaitland, East Saltoun, Gifford and West Barns to East Linton for coffee; back via Hailes Castle, Haddington, Cockenzie and the coast road (60 miles).  The intermediates went up Carberry, via Humbie to the A68, over the Soutra hill to Heriot for coffee, over the Granites to North Middleton and back through Temple, Carrington and Dalkeith (50 miles).

Intermediate group at the Macfie Hall, Heriot, June 2019

Thursday 20th – evening ride through Dalkeith Country Park, Carrington and Temple to Middleton, across to Humbie and East Saltoun, back through Pencaitland and Tranent (40 miles).

Sunday 23rd – the intermediate group went through Mayfield, Edgehead, the Saltouns and Samuelston, then along the Hailes Castle road to East Linton for coffee at Smeaton nursery, back via Binning Wood, Drem, Aberlady and the coast road (57 miles). The fitness-plus group rode up Redstone Rig to Longformacus, then over to Cranshaws, past Whiteadder reservoir, back down the Rig to Gifford for coffee, then home through Bolton, Haddington and Bangley Brae (68 miles).  The fitness group rode through Eskbank, Carrington, Temple and Middleton to Heriot then down the coach road to Stow, over the hill to Lauder for coffee, past Thirlestane Castle to the A697, over the hill on the A68 and home via Humbie and Cousland (63 miles).

Thursday 27th – evening ride up Carberry, via the Saltouns to Gifford, over towards Garvald, then through Haddington, over the Yak, and back through Gladsmuir and Tranent (41 miles).

Sunday 30th – the fitness-plus group rode through Haddington and past Traprain Law to Spott, then round Brunt Hill to Innerwick and over Ecclaw to Abbey St Bathans for coffee, back by Cranshaws, the Rig, Gifford and E Saltoun (76 miles). The fitness group rode round the south of the Forth via Newhaven, Cramond, the Dalmeny estate, S Queensferry, the Hopetoun estate and Blackness to Bo’ness, over the hill to Linlithgow for coffee, then back by Ecclesmachan, Ratho, Currie and Colinton.  The intermediate group rode via Millerhill, Roslin, Penicuik, Rosebery Reservoir, Tynehead and Crichton to Vogrie Country Park for coffee, back through Cranston, Dalkeith and Inveresk (50 miles).

Intermediate group at Vogrie Country Park, June 2019
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