Covid-19 information

(updated August 2021)


Scotland moved beyond level 0 on 9th August, removing restrictions on meeting outside with people from other households, and the requirement for social distancing (including before and after an organised sporting activity). However, Scottish Cycling guidance requires the club to continue to keep records of the names and contact details of everyone taking part in each ride.

Covid contract

Accordingly, all riders are asked to agree to a “Covid contract” before participating in any club rides. This is a code of compliance with relevant Covid restrictions, and also covers GDPR requirements in relation to the retention by Portovelo of riders’ contact details.

View the Covid contract here.

The Covid contract only applies to organised club rides (all of which are advertised on the Calendar page – principally the Sunday fitness-plus, fitness and intermediate rides).

Before the ride

Although social distancing is no longer a pre-ride requirement, it is helpful to ride-leaders if people continue to gather at the bandstand in the groups they intend to ride with:

  • fitness-plus riders should assemble towards the beach
  • fitness riders should assemble towards the Scottish Water building
  • intermediate and intermediate-plus riders should assemble nearer the road.

If more than about a dozen people wish to take part in any group, some may be asked to join other groups. Alternatively, if there is an additional ride-leader available, two groups may be formed (e.g. two Intermediate groups).

Before each group leaves, the ride-leader will record the names of all those participating. Riders who have not already agreed to the Covid contract and provided a contact phone number will be asked to do so.

During the ride

All riders should continue to practice good hygiene while riding. If you need to cough, sneeze, clear your nose etc., drop to the back of the group first or, at least, turn your head away from other riders.

Cafe stops

It should no longer be necessary for groups to split up at the cafe to comply with maximum household limits at tables. Face-coverings are still required inside cafes, however, so all riders should remember to bring a mask.