Porto-Velo club clothing is available to order from Champion Systems.  There is a minimum order size of 10 items, so we need a few people to order kit before we can place an order.  Once an order has been placed, it normally takes 4-6 weeks for the completed kit to arrive.

There are typically two club orders each year – one early in the year (e.g. January), ideal for getting summer kit in time for the spring weather, and one in late summer (e.g. August), good for getting winter kit in time for autumn.  Orders may sometimes be placed at other times – we will provide details on Facebook and on rides, or you can e-mail us for the latest information.

Here’s how to order:

(1) Using the sizing charts below, identify the correct size for you.  (Measuring an existing jersey that fits well is the simplest option.)

(2) E-mail us for prices, and info about how to order.  (This is not a commercial website, so we cannot sell items online.)

(3) For more info about ChampSys clothing, go to:  (NB: club prices are higher than those shown on this site as we must add VAT and delivery.)

(4) With jerseys, you will need to choose the cut (club, race, women’s, child’s), short-sleeve or long-sleeve, and zip-length (short, 3/4 length or full-length).  Shorts can be normal or bib (with shoulder straps).  Other clothing options are available (tights, overshoes etc.), but check with us first whether these can be supplied in club colours.

(5) There is a minimum size for each order, so you may have to wait until the minimum order-size has been reached.  Tell us what you want, and we’ll keep you posted.

We also have Portovelo cycling caps – see pictures below:

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